Birth control, the small pill that has the power to prevent pregnancy when used correctly. This is the common definition we hear, and all know of. While this is a valid reason for many people to be on birth control, it isn’t the only one. There are people on birth control for all kinds of different reasons, and you may even be surprised by a few. The pill is much more powerful than most people give it credit for. Here at All Female Health Care, located in Sunrise, Florida, we wish more people were aware of the amazing benefits birth control can have. There are too many people out there, struggling with various issues that birth control can help fix. But unfortunately, too often than not, do these people live unaware that a pill is an option for them. This is something that can change the more people are aware of just how great birth control is. To learn more about the many things birth control can help with, keep reading.

  • Anemia

Anemia, otherwise known as iron deficiency, is fairly common. Many adults suffer from it every year. Most doctors recommend iron pills and eating more meant; however, some people do not have the means to purchase iron pills or meat. And others simply do not include meat in their diet because of being vegan or vegetarian. Whatever their reason is, it’s completely understandable to not want to or be able to follow the doctor’s orders. But there is an alternative solution. Birth control has been proven to help prevent and lessen people’s risks of getting anemia. This is great for those who already struggle with it, or simply come close to having it.

  • Acne

Everyone deals with acne from time to time, although most people are finished dealing with it by the time they are done going through puberty. For those who are unlucky and are still fighting acne every day, birth control may be able to help. The pill is a great solution to seeking out expensive dermatology face cleansers and practices. If you talk to your doctor about your acne and which pill will work best, chances are they already have a few birth control pills in mind. The best part is that some of the pills are covered by insurance, and others are relatively inexpensive. Since acne is a hormonal problem most of the time, birth control can help balance the hormones out or adjust them to better help the skin.

  • Cramps and Periods

One of the more common reasons people seek birth control, but still not quite as popular as we would hope, is cramp and period control. Too many women are out there suffering from cramps and intense, heavy periods. You don’t need to put yourself through this. With the help of birth control, you will find that your period symptoms are likely to lessen if not completely go away. Many women even go on birth control and end up not even getting their period anymore. This means you can kiss goodbye tampons and pads. This is especially great for those who find that their periods are super heavy to the point where it is distracting and getting in the way of their day to day life. At All Female Health Care, we can set you up with an appointment and have you speak to our professionals about your birth control options.

Have you been struggling with anemia, acne, intense cramps, heavy periods, and more? If so, you may want to give birth control a try. Birth control isn’t just about preventing pregnancy anymore. It can also help and prevent tons of other health-related issues. If you’re already on birth control and are not seeing the changes you want to see, no worries. Our team at All Female Health Care, located in Sunrise, Florida, can book an appointment at (954) 742-3536. We are looking forward to finding you the best birth control option!

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