4 Things to Avoid When Taking Birth Control in Ft. Lauderdale

South Florida is home to many and it’s no secret that thousands of people are out having unprotected sex. When we think of safe sex we normally just think of the factors that relate to STD prevention and safety. But what we rarely consider when thinking of “safe sex” is how birth control also plays a role. Many women invest in birth control in Ft. Lauderdale, but it’s not uncommon for women to still make assumptions and mistakes that can lead them into unwanted circumstances. 

There are four frequent mistakes you can make when it comes to birth control and it is essential to understand them. This will help you avoid mistakes in the future and ultimately help you make better decisions. Keep reading to learn more!

Misjudging the Effectiveness

The effectiveness of birth control varies dramatically, with failure rates ranging from .5% to 29%. Many times the people taking various types of contraceptives assume that it is full proof. When in reality, it is not and these assumptions end up in one in ten women becoming pregnant. 

The key to successful birth control is to realize that nothing 100% effective other than abstinence. 

Anytime you are having sex, there is a chance you can accidentally become pregnant and you need to be prepared for these situations. The best avenue is to have a discussion with your partner about these rates and what you will do if this situation arises. It ensures that everyone knows what they are getting into and how to prepare for accidents. 

Skipping the Protocols

The oral contraceptives available for birth control (i.e., the pill) are the method of choice for most women. The way it works is you take a pill at the same time each day to prevent the release of an egg. After three or four weeks, you will take a placebo when you are experiencing your monthly menstruation. Any type of change in the consistency of this protocol breaks the cycle and can lead to a pregnancy. 

Out of every 100 women who skip their pill, nine will become pregnant and realize their mistake after it is too late. 

Not Using the Patch Right

The patch is like the pill by stopping the body from releasing an egg for three weeks out of the month, except it goes on the top of the arm, butt, stomach, or torso and remains in place. It must be set in location where the skin is dry, clean, and will not come off. Using the wrong patch or placing the patch in the wrong place on your body could cause it to not work.

Using Other Medications and Supplements

There are other medications and herbal supplements that make birth control ineffective so it’s best to check with your doctor before choosing which method of birth control in Fort Lauderdale is best for you. The most important thing is to tell your doctor what you are taking and make sure it does not interfere with birth control. You don’t want them blocking its effects, even if you are taking these drugs or herbal supplements occasionally.

All Female Health Care Can Help!

There are many ways people make misjudgments about birth control in Ft. Lauderdale and its effectiveness. These mistakes can be avoided by knowing how the medication works and following the advice of your doctor. Understanding your body and understanding that birth control is not a sure thing is the first step in using it properly. All Female Healthcare Inc. can help you decide what best control is best for you and what your options are. Give us a call today or click here (https://www.allfemalehealthcare.com/contact-us/)  to learn more.