5 Need to Know Facts About Birth Control

Birth control pills are an option for every woman who wants them. Not only do they prevent pregnancy, but they can assist with other parts of health as well. From lessening cramps to stopping the period altogether, the right birth control can improve your life. 

However, birth control isn’t for everyone, nor does everyone have the same experience. The best way to decide if birth control in Fort Lauderdale is right for you is to seek the professional opinion of a gynecologist. 

At All-Female Health Care, you can get professional advice from another female who has been in your shoes. Our gynecologist knows what you’re going through and can help point you in the right direction. In the meantime, see below to learn five must-know facts about birth control.

The Pill Can Prevent Pregnancy

More and more people are considering birth control in Fort Lauderdale for a myriad of reasons. Birth control is no longer only known for protection from pregnancy. The conversation around the pill has grown to include other important topics. However, all women should know that birth control pills are an option for pregnancy prevention. When taken correctly, the pill is 99% effective. While condoms and other protection methods are still worth using, extra protection and peace of mind never hurt anyone.

The Pill Can Improve or Lessen Periods

Everyone has different feelings around getting a period. Some people want the peace of mind that comes with getting one, while others prefer never to have one. Most people assume that periods are out of our control, and they are to an extent. However, birth control can impact how often you get them and what your experience is. Some people never have their period while on birth control, while others have it less often. You might also experience lighter periods and fewer period symptoms.

Pregnancy is Possible After Stopping the Pill

Some people are anti-birth control because they think it’s a permanent solution to pregnancy. However, the pill only protects against pregnancy while you actively and efficiently take it. After some time not taking it, your body will adjust. But, it takes only a few days before your body is capable of pregnancy again. 

The Pill Has Other Benefits

Pregnancy prevention is the most known and popular benefit of birth control pills. But, birth control has many other benefits as well. Some of these perks are lighter periods, fewer period symptoms, less acne, infection prevention, and more. Even if you are not sexually active, you may be able to benefit from birth control pills. 

The Pill is Easy to Take

There are all types of birth control methods available. Whether you prefer a shot, pill, or other methods, we have them. But, if you are looking for something easy to use and low maintenance, birth control pills are where it’s at. These pills get taken once a day and around the same time. After one month of routinely taking the birth control pill, you should be 99% protected from pregnancy. 

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