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5 Reasons to Visit an Obstetrician in Pompano Beach, FL

5 Reasons to Visit an Obstetrician in Pompano Beach, FL

Whether you are pregnant or not, you should still visit an OB/GYN on a regular basis. It’s ideal to visit an OB/GYN annually to exam your reproductive organs and make sure there is no underlying health problem. Our team at All Female Healthcare want to share 5 reasons to visit an obstetrician in Pompano Beach, FL!


It is important as a future mother to start checking up on your baby at our gynecology office. It’s good to make sure that everything is going well with your baby to make sure you don’t get any future complications. Not only that but you will be able to sleep better knowing that your baby is healthy and strong!


If you are over 40 you should consider visiting our office to undergo breast exams and if your family has a history of breast cancer you should do your health a favor and get a breast exam earlier than 40. Getting a breast exam at least once a year we will be able to detect breast cancer early which is better than having breast cancer but not starting treatment until it has gotten worse.


Keeping up with your health is crucial so just like you visit your primary doctor, you should visit our office as well to get a pelvic exam and pap smear. For any woman over 21, you should undergo a pelvic exam just to make sure that all is well with your reproductive organs. Every few years you should also have a pap smear to test for cervical cancer. 


Once you become sexually active but aren’t ready to have a baby you should visit our office to explore birth control options and family planning advice. We are here to help you make your own decisions!


As a woman it’s important to check on your vaginal discharge because it is usually an indication of an infection. If you leave it untreated the problem can only get worse so come visit our office as soon as you can if your vaginal discharge color has changed. 


Visiting an OB/GYN in Pompano Beach can be very scary for most women especially if you get a male doctor. Male doctors can really scare a lot of women but you don’t have to worry about a thing in our office! Our OB/GYN office is filled with women, that’s why our name is All Female Healthcare! Call us today and schedule an appointment with one of our friendly receptionists!

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