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6 Reasons To See A Gynecologist In South Florida

6 Reasons To See A Gynecologist In South Florida

You may have your reservations about scheduling an appointment with a gynecologist in South Florida but visiting an OB/GYN is an important decision every woman needs to make. You probably think an OB/GYN is primarily useful during annual screenings for cervical and breast cancer, but these healthcare professionals can offer much more than that. They can help make sense of important changes to your body over the years and how to transition into menopause. Gynecologists in Pompano Beach, FL can also provide STD testing and guidance if you test positive for a disease. Of course, when you are pregnant, you will need to see an obstetrician for pregnancy planning.

There are many reasons to visit a gynecologist, more than you probably know. Choosing the right doctor can make all the difference by alleviating your feelings of embarrassment or discomfort. Aside from screening for cancers, here are important reasons women should see a specialist.

General Health Care

By the time a woman reaches age 13-15, it is recommended that they begin seeing an OB/GYN annually. When a teenager sees a gynecologist, it provides a standard of their gynecological health. During an appointment, the doctor will:

Pelvic examinations may also be performed, particularly among women with menstrual disorders, vaginal discharge, infertility, or pelvic pain.

Essentially, all of this is done to assess the patient’s overall health and reveal changes to the body or potential concerns. As most know, many problems can be effectively treated if they are caught in the early stages.

Irregular Menstruation

Problems related to your menstrual cycle should be addressed by a specialist. If not, it may lead to reproductive issues. Any differences you experience should be noted. It doesn’t have to be as drastic as missing a few periods. It can also be:

Breast Exams

Breast health should also be addressed during your visits. During your annual checkup, your gynecologist may also recommend a manual breast exam to check for lumps, tissue masses, or other irregularities. Those who will benefit most are women aged 40 and up, but if you are younger and have a history of breast cancer in your family, you should also have your breasts manually examined.

Pap Smear

As most know, a pap smear is a test to screen for cervical cancer. It should be done every few years to stay ahead of cancer and other abnormalities. It is recommended that women aged 21 and older schedule regular appointments for this procedure, as it is just as important as scheduling a breast exam.

Going on birth control

Women who are sexually active and don’t want to get pregnant should speak with their gynecologist about going on birth control. There is more than one type of birth control, which is why you should discuss your options and learn the efficacy of each type. Together, you and your gynecologist will choose the best form of birth control to fit your lifestyle.

Pregnancy Care

To ensure your maternal health is in good condition, it is important to see an obstetrician. It’s recommended that you have a set obstetrician when you are pregnant rather than seeking care from multiple health care providers. Those who bounce around from one provider to the next risk losing valuable medical information. Additionally, it helps to have a strong rapport with your obstetrician, which can only happen if you are consistent with one specialist and build a relationship with them. Your obstetrician will be your point of contact when you have concerns or you’re faced with abnormalities during your pregnancy.

Visit All Female Health CareAs you can see, there are many reasons to visit an OB/GYN – they provide much more than the annual breast and pelvic exams. We understand that choosing a specialist to meet your needs is an important and delicate decision. Our team delivers high-quality and personalized OB/GYN services to women in all stages of their lives. If you are searching for a gynecologist in South Florida, contact All Female Health Care. Call (954) 742-3536 to schedule an appointment.

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