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Do You Need a Professional in Obstetrics in Miami?

Do You Need a Professional in Obstetrics in Miami?


For some couples, getting pregnant is easy. For others, the journey is quite complicated. Almost everyone assumes that when they’re ready to have a child, the conception will be simple, smooth, and immediate. However, there are numerous reasons as to why some people have a more challenging time than others. It can cause infinite amount of worry, as the first thing most people fear is that something is wrong. The CDC collected data that states over 7 million women in the United States have used fertility professionals to assist. If this is an area you’re currently struggling with, rest at ease knowing that you are not alone and that the experts at All Female Health Care are here to help!


The first step to having a child is to understand what could be an issue. By doing your homework and being aware, you avoid being in the dark or surprised. Talking to your local gynecologist of obstetrics also ensures that you have knowledgeable advice a phone call away. The definition of infertility is not being able to conceive for a direct span of a year. As mention, infertility can happen for a number of reasons, including unhealthy sperm or a lack of eggs. 

If you haven’t conceived within six months and you’ve been trying, it’s easy to get worried. Women above 35 should seek help as soon as possible, as the longer a person waits, the lower their chances become. When tests are run, the medical experts are testing for specific hormone balances including estrogen, FSH or follicle stimulating hormone, and LH or luteinizing hormone. The measurements help the gynecologist or OGBYN to see if there are any imbalances possibly causing infertility. After the simple tests, doctors may wish to perform an ultrasound. The ultrasound ensures that there is nothing wrong with your uterus or ovaries. 

If the male is the source of infertility, there are tests for this as well. The test, like the female test, is quite simple. The medical professionals will take a sperm sample and analyze their activity. About 30% of infertility cases are male related, so it’s essential that couples who are trying to have a child do tests on both sides. For males, the lack of healthy sperm can be increased by a healthier diet and way of life. 

If you’re seeking answers with infertility, you’re in the right place. The women’s office in Miami, All Female Health Care, is here to help you in your time of need. We understand how stressful it is to wait time and time again for a positive sign. However, just because it isn’t happening right away doesn’t mean you’re out of luck or out of time! Come visit our practiced obstetrics in Miami to learn more! Call us today at (954)742-3536 and see how we can help you be the mother you’ve always wanted to become.

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