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Here’s How an OB/GYN Can Help You

Here’s How an OB/GYN Can Help You

The standard recommendation is for women to visit the OB/GYN once every year. We like to think of it as being similar to a yearly check-up at your primary care physician. Even if you are not sexually active, you should still make going to the OB/GYN once a priority once a year. 

The services we provide go farther than checking for STDs and pregnancy. And when it comes to health, it’s always better to stay on top of it. 

If you’re looking for an OB/GYN in South Florida, the All Female Health Care team can help. Whether you need a yearly check-up or have concerns, our female staff can make sure you get the medical attention you need. 

New to the OB/GYN or haven’t been in a while? Let us give you insight into our many services.


An OB/GYN or an obstetrician-gynecologist is a medical professional who is here to help women with their female reproductive system needs. An obstetrician is someone who can help pregnant women and deliver babies. On the other hand, a gynecologist checks the health of the female reproductive system, tests for STIs and STDs, and can assist in the relief of medical conditions. Our OB/GYN’s in South Florida can also answer any questions you have about pregnancy, intercourse, sexual health, birth control, and more. 

The All Female Health Care team is essentially here to guide you through all things the female reproductive system. Whatever questions you have, exams you need, or pregnancy check-ups, we are here to guide you through it all.


Everyone’s body is different, making it critical for you to listen to what your body is telling you. If you ever feel that something is off or is bothering you, it’s always good to see our OB/GYN team. 

It may be nothing, but if something is wrong, you can get started on treatment. There’s nothing better than having peace of mind, especially about your health. In general, you would see an obstetrician for both surgical procedures and reproductive services.

Surgical Procedures:

Reproductive Services:

As far as a gynecologist goes, treatments, check-ups, and appointments go a little differently. Obstetricians can handle the general roles of gynecologists, and this is because an obstetrician is also usually a gynecologist. 

But, on the other hand, a gynecologist does not have to be an obstetrician. 

You may not have your OB/GYN appointment in South Florida with an obstetrician unless it’s for one of the above appointments. Some of the things your gynecologist will handle are different.

Reproductive Services:


The general rule of thumb is to see your OB/GYN in South Florida once a year for your annual check-up. During this appointment, you can expect a pelvic exam and a breast exam. You will also have the option to take STI/STD tests. During this appointment, you can get your yearly birth control prescription re-filled or even change your birth control prescription or birth control method. 

If you feel that something is wrong or you want to get tested sooner, you can always schedule an appointment before your annual. We’re here to help you whenever you need it.


To schedule your OB/GYN appointment in South Florida, fill out the contact form on our website ( or give our team a call today at (954) 742-3536. 

We can get you in so you can feel healthy and get back on track with your appointments. Far too often do we hear that people avoid going to OB/GYN appointments or do not think they are necessary. 

But, when it comes to health, it’s always better to be seen every year. Even if you don’t think anything is wrong, having peace of mind can never hurt. Give us a call today!

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