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How to Talk About STD Testing with Your Partner?

How to Talk About STD Testing with Your Partner?

Before you and your partner decide to be sexually active, it is important to discuss the topic of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Bringing up this topic may be difficult for some more than others. Most people know it’s an important, albeit delicate and awkward subject. Don’t let your nerves get in the way of having “the talk” with your partner. There is a diplomatic way to approach it and discuss STD testing with your partnerwhich we will discuss in this article.


As you may have already guessed, it is advised to talk about STDs before having sex with your partner. Some people think the best way to approach it is by doing so factually, removing feelings and emotions out of the equation. Before bringing up the topic, learn everything you can about STDs, the most common STD in your area, and the consequences of spreading and getting a sexually transmitted disease. Try to arm yourself with as much knowledge in case your partner has questions or gets offended. If the latter occurs, explain to your partner that it isn’t about not trusting them – most people can have an STD without knowing. For example, herpes and chlamydia can be dormant for months, even years.

There is always a possibility that your partner has contracted a disease without knowing. As a result, regular testing is critical to ensure your health and the health of those you are closest to. Explain to your partner that s/he doesn’t have to get tested alone. You can go together and provide each other with moral support.


Do not begin the conversation without first considering what you want to say and what you wish to get out of the conversation. You don’t have to write a script or even make a list of talking points. You just need a good opening line that, for the benefit of everyone, doesn’t come off offensive. For example, if you have recently been tested you can say:

“I was recently tested for STDs, and I have no diseases. When was the last time you were tested?”

If they say they were tested, as well, it’s important to see proof of this. If you don’t feel comfortable asking, show them your results first. If they were really tested, they will be inclined to show you theirs, as well.

If you have not been recently tested, you can say something such as:

“I really care about you and before we move further with this relationship, I think we should get tested together.”

Consider practicing what you will say out loud, so the words feel more natural when you have the conversation with your partner.

We understand that getting tested can be a frightening time, as it opens the possibility of having a sexually transmitted disease. However, once you get tested, you will know for certain. If it turns out that you do have an STD, it is better to know sooner rather than later. These days, there are many treatment options that can cure some STDs. Those that can’t be cured, such as HIV, can be managed with medication, and individuals can go on to live healthy, normal lives.


In addition to planning what to say, you should also pick a time and location that is convenient for both of you. Make sure it’s a time when you are both relaxed and you’re in a place where you won’t be easily interrupted, or your partner won’t get distracted. Always gauge their response and when it’s their turn to speak, listen carefully to what they have to say.

This creates an opportunity to learn more about your partner, whether they immediately embrace the idea, or try to make the conversation more difficult than it should be. In the end, if they do not respect your wishes, then this tells you that you’re in a relationship with the wrong person. If they are open to a discussion and eventually agree to get tested, your relationship may grow stronger than ever.


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