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If I’m in a Relationship Should I Still Get STD Testing in Pompano Beach, FL?

If I’m in a Relationship Should I Still Get STD Testing in Pompano Beach, FL?

Congratulations! Having someone to love and to be loved by someone is truly an amazing feeling while you may feel complete taking the necessary precautions before having sexual relations will put you and your partner’s mind at ease. Many people ask, If I’m in a relationship, should I still get STD testing in Pompano Beach, FL? It’s common to think that just because you’re in a relationship you don’t need STD testing but truth is, you should get STD testing whether in a relationship or not and the experts at All Female Health Care are here to tell you why!


Most of the time there are two reasons why people in relationships choose not to get STD tested and one is because they are afraid to know that their faithful partner is not as faithful as they thought. This is a really big fear in any relationship but to put you at some ease, it can take months before symptoms arise which means that If your partner gets tested positive for STD’s they may have transmitted it from the partner before you. However, you need to get tested just in case because the symptoms are quiet and you may not know until it worsens. Another reason a person in a relationship would avoid testing is because they don’t believe they need to get tested since they have only been with each other. The truth is you can transmit the disease in other ways such as sharing needles, getting an open wound infected with blood from a person who has STD’s, or through oral sex. While we don’t like to think our loved one had an affair they may not have had intercourse with another person but like you already know it could’ve infected your partner in other ways. 


Getting tested is definitely one of those “better safe than sorry” situations because while you may not even have STD’s it’s better and safer for you to get tested whether in a relationship or not because the sooner we find out about the disease the better. You will be able to get better help with medications than to let it worsen with time. Or you may receive better news that you and your partner aren’t infected at all and can sleep better at night!


When it comes to things like getting tested for an STD or changing your birth control it can be a very touchy and awkward conversation to bring up to your primary care physician but coming to our All Female Health Care center we are all women ready to help other women without making them feel nervous or shy. You can guarantee to feel comfortable at our All Female Health Care center so give us a call and schedule an appointment to get tested today just in case!

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