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I’m Married, Should I get STD Testing in Fort Lauderdale, FL?

I’m Married, Should I get STD Testing in Fort Lauderdale, FL?

When it comes to being married it’s honestly the greatest joy in life knowing that you have someone there for you at all times of the day. You both love each other whole-heartedly and you may not even want to think about infidelity and that’s very normal in a marriage and you may be wondering “I’m married, should I get STD testing in Fort Lauderdale, FL?” The quick answer is yes! The experts from All Female Health Care will explain why it’s important to get tested whether in a monogamous relationship or not!


What many couples fail to understand is the importance of getting STD tested. They think that if it’s out of sight it’s an out of mind kind of thing and avoiding the conversation is the best way to go. Assuming your husband or wife is cheating on you will make your heart drop and disgust may fill your mind but you need to get past that and do what is best for both of you. While it may seem that you and your partner have never seen bad days or maybe you think the bad days are behind you, getting infected can happen in other ways than sexually and it can affect anyone’s life. You or your partner could get infected with an open sore in the mouth and performing oral sex with a partner who is infected, sharing needles with an infected person, or kissing an infected person. You or your partner can even get infected by sharing razors with an infected person, sharing sheets, towels, or clothes with an infected person. As you can see there are other ways to get infected rather than the traditional intercourse way so it’s best for both of you to get tested for STD.


It really doesn’t matter how you or partner got infected if the results come positive or how much pain it gives you thinking about your life partner cheating on you, there are greater problems than these two. The sooner you both get tested the better because the symptoms can go hidden for months and some may even go silent for years, however, seeking help and getting tested will literally save you, your partner’s, or both your lives! Getting medications, if tested positive, will help you or your partner live long happy lives. It’s good to be safe than sorry later, all you have to do is come to our clinic and get tested.


Talking about STD can feel uneasy in your stomach especially if you’re afraid that your partner has been unfaithful. Feel comfortable at our gynecology office in Fort Lauderdale, FL with our all-female staff ready to make this whole process as easy as taking off a band-aid! Here at All Female Health Care, we will help you get through this and if you test negative you will be glad you both got tested and all the worries will vanish before your eyes! Come in today and get STD tested just in case!

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