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Selecting the Right Birth Control in Fort Lauderdale for You

Selecting the Right Birth Control in Fort Lauderdale for You

Florida is known as a place for fun, sun, relaxing, the beach, nightlife, and chasing after the opposite sex. The drawback is that unintended pregnancies can take place with no one realizing the consequences. 

Studies from the University of Florida show that 59% of pregnancies in Florida are unintended. 

You can prevent these situations using birth control in Fort Lauderdale that decreases the odds of becoming pregnant. Nationwide 64.9% of women ages 18 to 72 use birth control and are sexually active. The challenge is choosing an option that works for you to give you the desired results. You have various choices, with each one providing effective solutions to prevent you from becoming pregnant. 

The Patch

The patch goes onto your skin anywhere except the breasts once a week and looks like a sticker. The odds decrease by 99% of becoming pregnant, and it releases hormones that prevent your ovaries from producing eggs. Your cervical muscles become thicker, making things more difficult to allow sperm to enter your uterus. 

The Shot

The shot is an injection given by trained healthcare professionals in your hip or arm every three months. The shot is medically known as Depo-Provera that thickens the cervical muscles and prevents the ovaries from releasing eggs. The shot is 99% effective, and fewer than 1 out of 100 women become pregnant. 

All Female Health Care can help you to find the best birth control solutions to include the patch and shot. We are your go-to birth control center in Fort Lauderdale and know what to do to give you a solution that works. 

The Ring

The ring is a flexible birth control solution that inserts into the vagina once a month and lasts for up to three weeks. Like the other options, the ring is 99% effective; it stops the production of eggs and the passage of sperm in the cervical. 

The Pill

The pill is taken every day to provide the highest levels of effectiveness and helps reduce cramping and bleeding. You must follow the required daily regimen for taking the pill to ensure everything works properly in preventing unwanted pregnancies. The pill stops sperm from entering the cervix and prevents the release of eggs, so you don’t become pregnant. 

An Implant

An implant is using a small rod that is medically placed into the skin of your upper arm. There is an effective rate of 99%, and the implant lasts for three years. Your body cannot release hormones to produce eggs and the cervix does not let sperm enter the uterus. 

All Female Health Care can help you get the ring, pill, or an implant through our trained staff and many different providers. We have 35 years of experience in women’s health and know what to do to give you the best solution to prevent unwanted pregnancies. 


An IUD is a t-like device that goes inside your uterus through a trained healthcare provider. You can use the non-hormonal copper option or hormonal plastic choice to prevent sperm from fertilizing your eggs. Depending on which option you are choosing, the IUD can last from 3 to 10 years and is 99% effective. 


Surgery is a semi-permanent but reversible option for preventing unwanted pregnancies and is nearly 100% effective. You can have a bilateral tubal ligation, where your tubes are tied or tubal block at the healthcare center. Another option is to have your male partner get a vasectomy where he can’t produce sperm. Any of these choices will prevent you from becoming pregnant, and you will not have to worry about timelines for effectiveness. 

All Female Health Care can help with our strong reviews from satisfied patients who see how we are making a difference. Our professional staff can help you with your birth control needs to find a solution that works for you. These are a few of the choices you have for birth control in Fort Lauderdale to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Call All Female Health Care today at 954-742-3536 and see how we can make all the difference in helping you find the right one. You have lots of choices and we can help you in selecting the best option. We are off West Oakland Park Boulevard, near the Bridges at Springtree Golf Club in Sunrise.

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