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The 3 Reasons you should get birth control in Fort Lauderdale

The 3 Reasons you should get birth control in Fort Lauderdale

As a woman you are faced with many situations on a day-to-day that call for decisions to be made. With this being said, wouldn’t you want to be able to make your decision of when to have a baby? Even if you are not sexually active you should consider getting on birth control. Let’s dive right into the 3 reasons you should get birth control in Fort Lauderdale


It’s time to take charge of your body and decide when you would like to have a baby or not. Getting on birth control allows you to decide when or whether to get pregnant. Maybe you’re in college or maybe you just got married and aren’t quite ready to be a parent, birth control is for you. Research actually shows that couples who plan their pregnancies are more likely to stay together because they are both prepared to be parents. 77% of women say that birth control allows them to take better care of themselves and their families. So whether you are in college or just enjoying your time with your partner, you should have the decision to start a family and that decision, you are a powerful woman who deserves this. 


Besides the power of your decision with birth control there are also health benefits correlated with birth control. Other than pregnancy prevention, depending on the method of birth control, it can:

With all the benefits it provides there isn’t a good enough reason to not think about birth control. Even if you are not sexually active it is a good choice for those who suffer through their menstrual cycle. If you have a heavy and painful period one thing that can help you is birth control! Even if your period is irregular, birth control can help your periods become more predictable. Not only will these benefits be good to your health but it will also get you more in touch with your body. 


In case you didn’t know, unplanned pregnancy costs U.S taxpayers $21 billion each year according to Guttmacher Institute and Washington Post. So think about the money it will cost you to have a baby right away, and go the birth control route today! There are many instances that people have unplanned pregnancies and manage it like champions but if you find yourself not being financially ready for a baby then you should consider going the birth control route to help you save money in the long run. 


There are many reasons one should get birth control but we hope you are considering birth control and don’t worry we have many options available for you such as: Copper IUD, Progestin Pill, Plastic IUD, Diaphragm, Hormonal IUD, Hormone Patch, Hormone Injections, Vaginal Ring, Implant, and many others to choose from. Finding your birth control fit starts by visiting our birth control center in Fort Lauderdale FL. We are 100% committed to providing only the very best and comprehensive healthcare services for all women. Get started today and give us a call (954) 742-3536!

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