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The Signs that You Should See a Gynecologist in South Florida Right Away

The Signs that You Should See a Gynecologist in South Florida Right Away

Everyone always wants to feel like they know their body, and when issues arise that are abnormal. Your body sends you signs that something is not right, and you should seek out professional help. 

A woman’s body sends these signals when challenges arise with the reproductive and urinary systems. Demand is so high in these areas that there is a shortage in finding an available gynecologist in South Florida. 

Due to the backlog, you want to schedule an appointment with a gynecologist as soon as possible if something does not feel right. The best approach is to be safe, rather than sorry in these situations by getting professional help. We look at the signs of when you want to seek out the assistance of a gynecologist when specific issues arise. 


Most of the time, you can predict your menstrual cycle using the days of the month and a calendar. These predictable flows are a regular part of your reproductive system and show that your body is healthy. 

However, when your menstrual cycles change or stop, your body signals a problem with the reproductive tract. In these situations, you want to visit a gynecologist in South Florida right away. 

For example, you have always been able to predict when your periods would come and go. But, something is happening in the last month, where you see an irregular flow of bleeding, and you miss the final days. A situation like this is when you should contact a gynecologist immediately and schedule an appointment. 

When you arrive and visit with us, be as specific as possible about what changed and how these shifts affect you. The information you provide helps us to understand the problem and diagnose any issues early. The more we know about your condition, the better we can help you solve what is happening with your body. 

All Female Health Care can help you with your menstrual issues by conducting tests and diagnosing the problem. Our experience, knowledge, and expertise make us the top OB/GYN in South Florida for women’s health.


If you are experiencing pain when you urinate, you want to call a gynecologist immediately. Some of the most common symptoms include lower abdominal pain, the constant urge to go, difficulty urinating, or the inability to urinate. 

These signs indicate an issue with the urinary tract (such as tract infection), and you want get help right away. Failing to do so can make your situation worse and cause a kidney infection. In this case, you will experience extreme back pain, nausea, vomiting, and chills. The best approach is to get help quickly to ensure you don’t have any complications. 

Another time you want to contact your gynecologist is if your urine is brown or pink. These issues may be harmless, but you want to be sure you are not having complications. Getting professional help will make sure that no issues are developing and you address the situation quickly. 

All Female Health Care performs different gynecological services such as exams, testing, and care. If you have urinary issues, we can help you find out what is happening and deal with the problem. 


Lesions are something you can’t ignore if you start to see them on your body. Typically, a lesion or sore in the pelvic areas is a sign of herpes, warts, or the start of an STD. Don’t overlook these issues, and contact us right away to get the help you need. The sooner you reach out to us, the faster we can deal with these issues before things worsen.

All Female Health Care treats and can help to identify STDs using the latest technology. We deal with STDs frequently and will assist you in using the right treatment options to eliminate these issues. 


If you experience cramps or bloating for more than two weeks, contact us immediately and schedule an appointment. These issues are likely from irritable bowels, colitis, enlarged fibroids, and sometimes cancer. The sooner we know what is happening, the faster we can help you to feel better. 

All Female Health Care has over 30 years of experience in dealing with gynecological issues, and we are ready to help you. 


These are some of the most common signs, of when you should contact a gynecologist for assistance. Call All Female Health Care today at 954-742-3536 and let us help you address any issues you are experiencing. We are on West Oakland Park Boulevard, near the Cypress Preserve Park and the Florida Department of Highway Safety.

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