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What to Know About Your First STD Testing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

What to Know About Your First STD Testing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

It’s your first time having an STD scare, and you’re thinking that it might be time to sign up for STD testing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It’s not easy making the decision to go to the doctor, especially for something that you think could be a less-than-wanted contraction from a sexual partner. In the United States, the concept of sexual entanglements is still a taboo subject, and it can be terrifying to make your first appointment! If you resonate, then let us tell you that you’re not alone, it’s completely normal, and there are steps to take in order to help you get the answers you want. In this article, we’ve created a self-help guideline, walking you through the steps one will take when they schedule their first STD test. Keep reading to learn more! 

Step One: Ask for STD Testing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

The very first step when you think that you may have an STD is to schedule an appointment with your doctor. STD testing isn’t something that comes with a routine check-up, so you’ll want to ask your doctor specifically over the phone to schedule an STD test. They may ask you a series of questions. It’s not that they’re trying to be nosy, so much as it is that they’re trying to understand which tests will be best for you to take. There are many, many types of sexually transmitted diseases in the world, and these questions can help them narrow down the options. 

We know that asking about having an STD test can be awkward at first. Make your appointment over the phone somewhere privately, so that you don’t feel self-conscious airing out your personal business in the middle of the local coffee shop. Doctors who administer STD tests have truly heard it all, and your story won’t shock them. Keep in mind that by having the test, you’re being responsible, and that’s the most important thing! If you aren’t sure how to bring up STD testing, you can say one of these things: 

“I’ve never been checked for STDs, and I’d like to check to be sure I’m okay.” 

“I think I may have contracted an STD, and I’d like to schedule an appointment to check.” 

Step Two: Identify the Tests Needed 

Once you’re at your appointment, your doctor will ask you more questions. Again, these questions are not to pry or to judge. They truly don’t care what you’ve been up to in your spare time, and as doctors, they know that sexually transmitted diseases are a natural part of life that can happen to anyone. They’ll ask you about the symptoms you’re having, the number of individuals you’ve been sexually active with if your partner knowingly has an STD or has had an STD before, the type of sexual activity you’ve been engaging in, what type of protection you use, and the possibility of needle sharing. It’s in your absolute best interest to remain open and honest, as it will help your doctor know how to successfully help you. 

Step Three: Take the Test

STD tests can come in many forms, but generally, none of them are painful. You might be required to do a urine test, a cheek swab, a blood test, a physical exam, sore testing, a cervix swab, and more. All of these tests are used for different types of possible diseases. For example, a physical exam will help a doctor to physically see the sores that are causing you pain. A cheek swab is traditionally for HIV testing. A doctor may decide to do one of these or all of these, depending on what they gather from the answers and symptoms you’ve given. 

Step Four: Digest the Information 

Either your STD test will come back positive or negative, but never fear for either option. Thanks to modern technology and science, there are many solutions to almost every STD out there. Even for those that are difficult to cure, there are options. 

At All Female Health Care, we’re here to help you with your STD testing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Contact a member of our team today at 954-742-3536 to see how we can help you feel happy and confident, by giving you the answers you need.

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