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What to Look for When Choosing a Gynecologist in South Florida

What to Look for When Choosing a Gynecologist in South Florida

Your relationship with your gynecologist is unlike any relationship you have with other doctors. Of course, you want a good relationship with your general practitioner, but let’s face it: a visit to your gynecologist isn’t the same as a physical with your GP. 

Not only do you put your health in their hands, but you’re revealing the most intimidate details and parts of your body. 

Finding an experienced gynecologist in South Florida can make all the difference in ensuring your comfort at each visit. With that in mind, here are four insider tips to find the best doctor.


Reading positive online reviews will help you make a more informed decision, but nothing beats a referral from a trusted doctor or your closest friend. So, when looking for gynecologists in Fort Lauderdale, FL, start there. 

Begin by asking your GP for a list of practitioners s/he would refer. Then, ask your closest friends and family members whether they would recommend their OB-GYN.

Continue your research by checking the doctor’s online reviews and credentials. When you feel confident about your decision, schedule an appointment, or ask for a consultation to get to know the specialist.

At All Female Health Care, we understand the importance of getting to know your doctor before your first visit. You can learn more about us and the services we provide on our website. We then encourage you to read unbiased reviews from a third-party website, as we take pride in our work and have nothing to hide. 

When you feel confident with your decision, contact us to schedule an appointment or get answers from our friendly staff.


It’s a good idea to check credentials before choosing a gynecologist in South Florida. Do this before scheduling your first appointment. 

Here’s what to look when reviewing their credentials:

You can find the doctor’s board certification on credible websites such as ABMS Certification Matters. To see if the doctor has a history of medical malpractice, you can search for this through the:


When it’s time to meet the doctor for the first time, take all your research into consideration, but for the most part, trust your instincts.

During your initial visit, these are good questions to ask yourself. If the doctor isn’t checking off all the must-haves for your preferred gynecologist in South Florida, then they may not be the right fit.

Another important consideration is their gender. 

Male doctors can be just as compassionate as female doctors – but if you don’t feel comfortable disclosing personal information to a male gynecologist, that’s perfectly fine. It’s important that you be able to communicate properly. In the end, trust your instincts to make the best decision. 


Let’s assume you’ve gathered referrals, researched credentials, and had an initial consultation that went well. Then, a few appointments later, you’re second-guessing your decision. That’s perfectly fine, and not something you should feel guilty about. Your final decision isn’t set in stone. You’re free to make another decision and even another one after that.

If you want to switch your gynecologist in South Florida, don’t be afraid to set an appointment with another doctor. Even if the doctor has positive referrals and an outstanding medical history, if it’s not the right fit, find the one that is.


If you’re looking for gynecologists in Fort Lauderdale, FLcontact Safieh Javid, APRN of All Female Health Care. We encourage you to read our testimonials and review our services. When you’re ready, fill out our contact form or call (954) 742-3536 to schedule an appointment.

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