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Where Should I Go for STD Testing in Sunrise, FL?

Where Should I Go for STD Testing in Sunrise, FL?

When it comes to staying healthy, routine STD testing is key. At All Female Health Care, Inc., we’re here to help. We know that regular STD testing can help keep health at the forefront. This is why we offer some of the most comprehensive STD testing in Sunrise, FL. As the most trusted OB/GYN in the area, we’re focused on providing effective STD testing. Our specialty is STD testing, diagnosis and treatment for women of all ages. STDs and STIs have different effects on women, so it’s important to trust our team with your STD treatments and testing.

STD testing should be done routinely at minimum. For example, you may opt for STD testing during your annual gynecological exam. We also suggest visiting our center for STD testing in Sunrise, FL following suspected STD exposure. Some STDs take time to show after exposure, so if you suspect exposure, routine and frequent testing is key. STD test include pap smears and simple blood tests. Analysis of visual symptoms can also help lead to an STD diagnosis.

Even if you don’t suspect exposure to an STD, there are signs to keep a lookout for. STDs have many different symptoms such as irregular bleeding, pain, itching, burning, sores and unusual discharge. If you have these symptoms, or if you have symptoms of other issues, then it’s time to schedule your STD testing in Sunrise, FL. Our team at All Female Health Care, Inc. offers detailed STD testing services to help pinpoint the cause of these symptoms.

If you receive a positive STD diagnosis, there’s no need to panic. Our team at All Female Health Care, Inc. can help treat, manage and even eliminate many STDs. Treatment can include antibiotics, medications and ointments to help mitigate symptoms. Some STDs can be entirely eliminated when detected early enough, such as gonorrhea, chlamydia and trichomoniasis. With early enough STD testing, these and many STDs may be successfully treated.

At All Female Health Care, Inc., we know that routine STD testing in Sunrise, FL is key to keeping your health at the forefront. We’re your go-to for STD testing, OB/GYN care and birth control in Sunrise, FL as well. We suggest getting routine STD testing every few months, or after suspected exposure. There are many sexually transmitted diseases and infections that can be treated through medications and management. To learn more about our STD testing in Sunrise, FL or to schedule your appointment, please call (954) 742-3536.

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