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You Can Trust Our OB/GYN in Sunrise with Your Prenatal Care

You Can Trust Our OB/GYN in Sunrise with Your Prenatal Care

At All Female Health Care, Inc., a leading women’s health care center in Sunrise and throughout South Florida, we are committed to providing you with the best obstetrics and gynecologist services. When you’re looking for an OB/GYN in Sunrise dedicated to the wellbeing of both you and your unborn child, look no further than the medical professionals at All Female Health Care, Inc. We provide the best prenatal and postnatal care available. If you’re expecting, then you’re concerned about your health and the health of your baby, we are too! That’s why our experienced staff is here to help you throughout your pregnancy. 

Some of our most trusted services include:

Pregnancy Confirmation. At-home pregnancy tests and missed periods indicate that it’s time to visit us. A boxed pregnancy test may give you a positive result, but the only way to truly know for sure is with a blood test. If you think you may be pregnant, we encourage you to visit our office for a pregnancy confirmation.

Prenatal Tests. Proper prenatal care is vital for your health and the health of your child. We can test for many conditions such as Spina Bifida, anemia, various infections, and other health problems. We can also perform tests to ensure that the baby is safe, comfortable, and free from distress in the womb. This care is a vital part of our OB/GYN practice in Sunrise.

Prenatal Treatments. Routine testing throughout your pregnancy safeguards your health and your growing child’s health. If regular tests or screenings indicate that there may be issues, there’s no need to panic. The expert medical professionals at All Female Health Care, Inc. are here to help you and your child thrive and to ensure that your pregnancy is healthy. A variety of conditions can be treated with lifestyle changes or continual monitoring. If distress within the womb is detected, early delivery can sometimes be a viable option.

• Postnatal Care. Your care does not end after you’ve given birth. The OB/GYNs at All Female Health Care, Inc., believe that postnatal care is just as vital as prenatal care. We are here for you to support your health post-pregnancy and to check in on your wellbeing. We can also help with future family planning at our birth control center in Pompano Beach, Fla.

Make Seeing your OBGYN in Sunrise a Priority

You have many choices when it comes to deciding on a women’s healthcare provider. That’s why the medical professionals at All Female Health Care pride themselves on the exceptional care and services we offer to our patients. There are certain expectations of care that you may have, and rightfully so. Every physician has taken an oath to provide optimal care levels, and nothing less than that will do. If you’re expecting a baby, it’s such a special time in your life, and you want everyone to share in that happiness–even your OB/GYN, who you will look to for guidance and support in the coming months. Your OB/GYN in Sunrise should be concerned with both your health and the health of your child. At All Female Health Care, we continually strive for excellence with our patients– our number one priority. We go the extra mile to ensure that your journey into motherhood is healthy, safe, and happy.

Are You Ready to Learn More?

In addition to the above services, we can also help with childbirth at various trustworthy birthing centers. Our women’s health care center in South Florida offers care for you and your baby. If you’re ready to take control of your health and your child’s health, it’s time to see how the experienced, caring team at All Female Health Care, Inc. can help. Call (954) 742-3536 to schedule an appointment today!

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