As women there are some things that we’re taught from an early age about our bodies. One of those things is the process of menstruation, which is a normal vagina discharge that women and girls everywhere experience. However, when it comes to other forms of discharge, it’s important to be careful and aware, and most importantly to visit your gynecologist if you have any concerns. If you are experiencing unusual vaginal discharge in Sunrise, FL, it’s likely that you could be embarrassed and ashamed about bringing it up with your doctor, but it’s crucial that you listen to your body and don’t ignore its signs. Instead, visit the all-female and caring staff at All Female Health Care. We will look after you, and we’ll have your back and guide you every step of the way. 

Once you come into All Female Health Care, you’ll realize that there was nothing to worry about in the beginning. You’re now in a safe space, in which you cannot be judged and criticized, and in which you will only be educated and oriented. If you’re experiencing unusual vaginal discharge in Sunrise, FL, chances are that you have many unanswered questions, and despite your internet research on the subject, have come up empty. At All Female Health Care, our job is to guarantee that no women or girl leaves our offices with any unanswered questions. When it comes to unusual vaginal discharge, for instance, you should speak with your doctor, or gynecologist if you’re experiencing the following things: 

  • Discharge Looks Foamy or Frothy 
  • Discharge is Brown or Blood-Stained 
  • Vaginal Discharge Changes in Consistency 
  • Has Strong Smell of Fish, Yeast or Another Odor 
  • Vaginal Discharge Appears Yellow, Green or Gray & More 


Normal vaginal discharge, serves as a housekeeping function in the female reproductive system, and basically carries out dead cells or bacteria. This type of discharge helps keep the vagina clean and without infections. The following could be some of the causes for your unusual vaginal discharge in Sunrise, FL: antibiotic or steroid use, bacterial vaginosis, birth control pills, cervical cancer, chlamydia or gonorrhea (STDs), trichomoniasis, pelvic inflammatory disease & more. 

For a consult with caring and knowledgeable gynecologists, contact All Female Health Care at (954)742-3536, to speak about your unusual vaginal discharge in Sunrise, FL. We’ll answer every single one of your questions and we’ll guide you and assist you throughout the entire process. There’s nothing to be ashamed or fearful about.

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