Is Contraception for You?

Contraception is a complex subject. With so many choices, it’s no surprise that women are confused and sometimes avoid the topic.

Oral contraception is the simplest and least intrusive method. A daily tablet gives you peace of mind against pregnancy. However, this only works if you remember to take it regularly and want to avoid pregnancy. Even then, you must ensure that any other medicine you are taking does not cancel out the tablet. To find out which contraceptive pill is best for you, visit your local clinic or doctor.


Then there’s the IUD. This is great for ladies who are uncomfortable with oral contraception. With IUDs, you are fertile until the device is removed from your uterus. The gadget may be kept in for many years. When it’s needing to be changed, it’s implanted in a somewhat easy manner. Arrange an appointment with your gynecologist to discuss your options and schedule an appointment.


Condoms are the safest method to prevent STDs and undesired pregnancy. They are suitable for ladies who don’t like using hormonal or IUD contraception. Condoms are simple to use and buy. They are cheap and available in a variety. Most clinics provide free condoms to encourage safe sex. They are available at most supermarkets and pharmacy shops these days. All you need to do is have a condom handy in case you need it. Don’t depend on your spouse to supply condoms; have one on hand. Remember that condoms are only meant to be used once. After usage, they must be safely disposed of. Never reuse a condom. This may lead to a severe STD or unplanned pregnancy. Rinsing it is not an option. If you plan to have sex more than once, make sure you have good condoms.


Sterilization is the most powerful method of contraception. Either sex can do this but it is not a temporary surgical treatment. It is possible to reverse sterilization, although it is not common. For women, a tubal ligation entails cutting the fallopian tubes. The sperm cannot go up the tubes to fertilize the egg.


A vasectomy includes making two tiny incisions in the testes and cutting the sperm canals. The sperm cannot enter the semen. The male method is safer and easier. Men’s recovery time is faster. This is the recommended method for permanent contraception.

These are the most commonly used contraceptive methods. It is up to each woman to choose her preferred choice. Slow down when you feel uncomfortable. Once you’ve chosen, take steps to put your plan into action and never worry about contraception again.

There are many birth control solutions. Just ask.

Emergency Contraception?

It’s s a simple solution.

Emergency contraception prevents undesired pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse. 

Situations utilizing emergency contraception:

If no contraception was used, when contraception failed (missed pills, condom rupture, diaphragm dislodgement)

A girl or woman who has been sexually assaulted (abuse).

Contraception is of two types:

Oral contraceptives (progestogen-only or estrogen-progestogen oral contraceptives);

Infertility devices that release copper (IUDs).

Suggestion:  Use emergency contraception within 72 hours after an unprotected sexual encounter.

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