If you just took a home pregnancy test and you got a positive reading, you’ll want to come in to see our obstetrician in Sunrise, Fl. This will make it so you start getting the care you need as soon as possible.  Regular visits to your obstetrician in Sunrise can ensure that everything that is supposed to be going on with the growth of your baby is on track and that you are both in the best health. Regular prenatal appointments are important so that if there is by some sign of a problem, it will be addressed early on. 

What can I expect from regular prenatal appointments?

This is such an exciting time in you and your partner’s lives! At All Female Health Care, you can expect a bunch of routine appointments but about a month apart at first. You can expect to see your obstetrician in Sunrise about 10 or 15 times during your pregnancy. Your schedule of appointments will probably be once a month for 4 to 27 weeks, and then every other week from about 28 to 36 weeks. After 36 weeks, you’ll be nearing the finish line and your OBGYN will probably want to see you every week until you are ready to give birth. At each appointment, your OBGYN will check your blood pressure, take your weight, and measure the progress of your stomach and baby’s growth. 

What kinds of tests should I expect at my prenatal appointments?

At each appointment, your obstetrician will begin with a weight and blood pressure check. You’ll leave a urine sample to check for things like preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. We will also check for swelling of your hands and feet to make sure everything is okay. When the baby is only a few weeks we generally do an ultrasound to hear the baby’s heartbeat (around 12 weeks). We will also measure the size of your stomach at each appointment, this will help us ensure that the baby is growing at a healthy and safe rate.  Regular prenatal care is crucial for you and your baby at each stage of pregnancy. Each time we meet, you’ll be closer and closer to your due date, which we will also be able to estimate for you at your first appointment. 

What do I do if a problem is detected?

At Female Health Care, our obstetricians in Sunrise are here to help you throughout your pregnancy, make suggestions regarding nutrition and other health issues as well as answer all of your questions. It’s important for you to know what’s happening at every stage in case a problem does come up. Rest assured that if routine tests or screenings come back with issues, there’s no need to panic. The OBGYN’s and medical staff at All Female Health Care will put your mind at ease. We have the knowledge and the experience needed to keep you and your baby as healthy as possible.

Your OBGYN is there for prenatal and postnatal needs and all other gynecological issues

Call All Female Health Care if you need an appointment for a checkup with your obstetrician in Sunrise or you think you might be pregnant. Here, you will find the care you need with our compassionate medical team and female health care experts.  Call (954) 742-3536 to schedule your well-care appointment today.

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