Whether you are pregnant, planning to get pregnant, or in need of a gynecologist, are you looking for a woman gynecologist in Fort Lauderdale? You don’t have to keep looking because we have a team of all female OB GYNs at All Female Healthcare! Let’s dive right into what we offer for women from women. 

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When it comes to finding an OB GYN to help you through your pregnancy there is no better option than a woman gynecologist. It goes without saying, we know what you are going through! It’s hard to believe that a man could understand the health of the female reproductive system without having one. That’s why we are proud to be an all-female office where we welcome all women to come in and get checked out. We offer obstetric services from pregnancy confirmation, prenatal care, postnatal care, and delivery. You can expect to have a board-certified OBGYN by your side at all times!  

We also offer pap smears for those annual checkups and STD testing. There is never a bad time to get STD tested and you will 100% safe in our office. If you are looking for a new birth control or need more information on birth control, you can count on us to give you all the information on birth control options we have available. We have a range of birth control options such as birth control implants, birth control pills, the birth control shot, and many others.  

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Don’t avoid getting checked out because you’re shy or embarrassed because at All Female Healthcare, we all know how it feels to be a woman and there is no better place to feel comfortable than our office. Call us today and schedule an appointment! 

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