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Optimal Female Health

Promoting optimal female health involves more than exercise and healthy diet. There are some health concerns and needs that women face which can only be addressed by a specialist. When you’re looking for a qualified OB/GYN in South Florida, look no further than our team at All Female Health Care, Inc. We’re dedicated to your optimal health, addressing concerns with the female reproductive system and pregnancies themselves.

At All Female Health Care, we include a wide range of services in our comfortable offices.
Female Healthcare Needs

We provide only the most compassionate and understanding gynecological care, preserving patient comfort and health. If you’re in search of an OB/GYN, we’re here to help. There are many facets of female healthcare, and our women’s health care center in South Florida can cover a wide range of healthcare needs. At All Female Health Care, Inc., our team thinks that great care involves providing all of the necessary services for healthy patients.

We offer a full scope of gynecological services and obstetrics care, all aimed at preserving optimal patient comfort and health. Some of our services include:

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Preventive Care and Patient Education

These are just a few of the services we offer at All Female Health Care, Inc. In addition to these services, we offer countless other programs, treatments and procedures at All Female Health Care, Inc. Our core philosophy is to offer the gynecological services that preserve patient health. In addition, we work to create a welcoming and understanding environment which also preserves patient comfort. Our team can perform necessary testing, then prescribe methods of treatment for any issues which may arise.

Dedicated Nurse Practitioner, Safieh Javid

When you’re in need of an OB/GYN in South Florida, it’s important to find a professional that’s dedicated to your success. Our team at All Female Health Care, Inc. is led by Safieh Javid, ANRP. She has been practicing as an independent nurse practitioner since 1997. At All Female Health Care, Inc., Safieh Javid encourages our team to provide care-centered obstetric and gynecological services that preserve optimal health.

We’re dedicated to offering personalized service that ensures each and every patient feels comfortable, safe and healthy. To learn about our full range of OB/GYN services, we invite you to stop into the office for a checkup. You can learn of any gynecological issues that may need to be addressed, along with discovering more about our patient-centered practice. You can schedule your appointment by calling (954) 742-3536.

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