I’m Married Should I Still Get STD Testing Done in Fort Lauderdale, FL? 

 Being in love and having someone love you back is one of the greatest feelings in the world! You know that you and your partner are loyal and you are probably wondering “I’m married should I still get STD testing done in Fort Lauderdale, FL?” Many couples believe that because they’re married they don’t need to get STD tested and All Female Healthcare are here to help you understand why it is still important married or not to get tested! 

You both have been faithful but… 

Nobody wants to picture their loved one with another person and because of this fear, many couples refuse to get STD tested. Don’t let your fear of your partner being unfaithful stop you from caring about your health. You can both be faithful but still have contracted an STD. It sounds almost impossible but anything could’ve happened before you two got married and many STD’s go undetected for years. You won’t know whether your partner or you have an STD until you both get tested. 

Your partner’s trust has diminished 

If you find yourself with crazy trust issues and constantly feeling as if your partner is cheating then you should definitely demand an STD test and you should also take one. Your health is the most important thing in the world and if you know deep down your partner has had an affair then you should confront the problem and have them take a test. It seems like a very scary thing to do but you really can never be sure until you both get it done! 

This is a better safe than sorry situation 

It doesn’t matter whether there is trust or no trust, you both should still get tested because STD’s can be transmitted not just through sex. It can be transmitted in other ways such as simple as kissing someone who has a cold sore and you can even get it in the most indirect ways. Maybe your friend lent you underwear the other day when you were on a trip and ran out, or you used a towel of theirs. These are ways to spread STDs. In the end you need to get tested because it’s better safe than sorry and the sooner it’s found, the quicker you can start treatment and the better it will be for you. Or in the best care scenario, you both are STD-free and can continue to enjoy your lives together and you can put your mind at ease!