What Makes a Great Obstetrician?

Giving birth is one of the most beautiful and natural parts of life, but as pregnancies grow increasingly complex, it’s important to have the right guidance through this transformative time in your life. Whether you’re planning on becoming pregnant, or even if you’ve just had a baby, you still need the right care from a dedicated obstetrician in Pompano Beach, FL. At All Female Health Care, Inc., our team of dedicated OB GYNs is ready to help you through all necessary stages of female healthcare. We have patients from all stages in life, from first gynecological visits to post-menopausal care and all stages between. When you’re in need of quality female healthcare, we should be your first call.Obstetrician Pompano Beach, FL

An obstetrician is a medical specialist that focuses on providing female care that’s centered on the needs of childbirth. The right obstetric care can help preserve your health and your baby’s health throughout pregnancy. We can help for family planning, guiding our patients to parenthood. Then, we can perform comprehensive pregnancy tests to confirm the pregnancy. You can count on a dedicated OB GYN in Pompano Beach, FL from our team at All Female Health Care, Inc. to help you through your pregnancy. We are also here to stand by your side during delivery. Our team is led by Safieh Javid, ARNP. She has expansive experience as a labor and delivery nurse and an OB GYN, giving her the unique perspective to help you through the safest delivery.

At All Female Health Care, Inc., we’re a group of highly educated and caring nurse practitioners, we offer the same treatments as other OB GYNs but with the added dedicated care that can only be offered by a nurse practitioner. We treat each patient with individualized care, placing the utmost emphasis on patient education and support. We know that when our patients are fully informed regarding their health, they’ll make the most beneficial and confident decisions about their care.

Our OB GYNs can address the additional aspects of female healthcare. We also offer treatments to help address menopause, offering compassionate pre and post-menopausal medical care. You can also count on our team for treatment of STDs, abnormal pap smears, urinary tract infections and everything in between. At All Female Health Care, Inc., we’re dedicated to being your trusted team of obstetricians and gynecologists. For the full scope of care and procedures we offer at All Female Health Care, Inc., we invite you to brose our website today.