We all know that seeing your family physician is essential to maintaining optimal health. However, you’d be surprised at how many women of all ages do not regularly visit their gynecologists. Regular visits to your gynecologist in Fort Lauderdale are necessary for taking care of your health and wellbeing.

At All Female Healthcare, we understand that going to the gynecologist may be scary at first because you may not know what to expect. Ideally, you should have your first exam at age 21 unless you have any pain or menstrual irregularity beforehand. Read on to discover what to expect at your first gynecology appointment.

Here’s what to expect at your gynecological appointment in Fort Lauderdale:

  1. You will be given a medical history form in the waiting room to complete.
  2. Once called into an examination room, your medical professional will measure your height, weigh you, and take your blood pressure. 
  3. You’ll then undress completely, and use the paper gown provided to cover yourself.
  4. Your medical professional will go over your medical history, often referring to the sheet you filled out in the waiting room.  
  5. Next, while lying back, your medical professional will exam you and do a breast exam. They will also explain how you can do it on your own.  
  6. Next, you’ll place your feet in the stirrups (it’s good to keep your socks on for this part because sometimes they can be cold) and slide down to the end of the examination chair.
  7. Your medical professional will, at this point, do a vaginal exam with a speculum that is inserted into the vagina. The speculum is a metal or plastic instrument that holds the vaginal walls open. Feeling a little pressure here is normal. Taking a deep breath will also help.
  8. Next, while the speculum is in place, your medical professional will do a Pap Smear test with a flat spatula. A Pap Smear checks for irregular cells in the cervix. Then the speculum is removed.
  9. Last, the manual exam. It is mildly uncomfortable, and taking a deep breath can help.  Your doctor will insert one or two gloved fingers into the vagina while pressing gently on the abdominal area with the other hand. This is done to determine the size, shape, and position of the uterus and ovaries. Don’t worry if you have some spotting after the examination. It’s perfectly normal.

Once the exam is over, you’ll have the opportunity to ask about birth control and any other issues you are having. At All Female Health Care, our medical team comprises exceptional OB/GYN’s, nurses, and medical assistants who will make you feel like you are in good hands every step of the way! If you’re ready to make your first appointment with one of our caring obstetricians, reach out to us today. Call our medical team at All Female Health Care today at (954) 742-3536 to get started!

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