Chances are that you know what birth control is. Almost everyone knows that it is a commonly used method of preventing pregnancy; however, birth control has many other benefits to it. There are thousands of women who utilize birth control for other health reasons besides, or along with pregnancy prevention. If you are considering the pill but are unsure if it can help out with some of the other medical issues you may have, this guide is for you. Here at All Female Health Care, our team knows how information about birth control that doesn’t pertain to pregnancy can slip through the cracks. That is why we have come up with this guide so you can read up on some of the other awesome benefits birth control has. You may not be looking to prevent pregnancy, but if you are dealing with other conditions such as acne, birth control may be a solution available to you. Keep reading to learn more.

Pregnancy Prevention

While other methods of contraception should be used along with birth control, the pill is a great way to prevent pregnancy. It’s an easy and comfortable way for women all over the world to ensure they are protected. All you have to do is take one pill every day, start your next pack on time, and come in for your annual women’s exam every year to get your prescription renewed. It may be hard to remember taking the pill every day at first, but with the help of a reminder in your smartphone or penciling it down in your calendar, you are bound to remember and eventually make a habit of it. If you are a more nervous person and do not want to rely entirely on the pill, we recommend using a condom for every sexual encounter. This is also a great way to prevent exposure to STD’s.

Birth Control Can Help with Your Monthly Period

If you are someone who struggles with heavy and frequent menstruation then birth control may be helpful for you. There are tons of different birth control brands to choose from, with some being able to reduce your period and even prevent it from coming every month. This is especially great for those who find that their periods come with painful cramps. While cramps are a normal side effect, intense cramps that interrupt your day can become a distraction to you at school or work. Birth control may be able to reduce cramp frequency and pain, or even eliminate them.

Acne Treatment

When going through puberty we all deal with the occasional pimple or light to moderate acne. However, if you have already gone through puberty and have noticed that your acne has stayed the same or gotten worse, birth control may be able to help you. Acne comes from there being an excessive amount of sebum, otherwise known as oil, being produced. This oil can clog your pores, become a breeding ground for bacteria, and result in some serious breakouts. During puberty, your hormones are going to be a little bit crazier than usual which is why acne is so common. But, when you get older your hormones should be calming down a bit, thus less acne. If your hormones have not leveled out birth control can help. This in turn should reduce your acne and boost a clearer complexion.

Whether you are not ready to have a baby or simply struggle with acne, birth control can benefit you. There are too many misconceptions out there that birth control is only for pregnancy prevention. This is not only far from the truth but also discourages many from a resource that can help them. Here at All Female Health Care, we want to make sure you have all of the information you need to make the best decision for you. If you are unsure if birth control is the right solution for you and your condition, come on in for an appointment. We can sit you down with a member of our staff so you can hear more about if birth control is right for you. To learn more about birth control and its many benefits, give us a call today at (954) 742-3536.

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