Am I pregnant? This is one of those questions every woman asks themselves from time to time. Whether it’s because of a late period or feelings of nausea, we all get skeptical. The best thing to do is to remember not to panic. There are many early signs of pregnancy, and only having one or two does not necessarily mean that you are pregnant. Being knowledgeable on all of the early signs and what they could mean can help give you peace of mind. Here at All Female Health Care, we know how stressful pregnancy scares can be, especially if you are not ready to be pregnant. With this guide, you can better distinguish if you are in fact pregnant, or if it was just a scare. If you notice you have many of the early signs and want to get further information and help, we are here for you. You can book an appointment with us by calling our office or consulting our website for additional resources on pregnancy.

A Missed Period

This sign is the one that gets most women nervous about pregnancy. While a missed period can sometimes be a dead giveaway that you are pregnant, it can also be absolutely nothing. Some women do not get their periods monthly due to their birth control and other health reasons. If this has been a pattern in your life then you may want to rule this sign out temporarily. On the other hand, if your period routinely comes every month and around the same date then you may want to keep this in mind when you look out for some of the other signs.

Increase in Urination

If you have been using the bathroom more often than usual, and not because of an increase in water intake, then chances are that you may be pregnant. An increase in urination can be attributed to other medical conditions related to the bladder; however, if you have not previously been diagnosed with that then you may want to take note of this sign. During pregnancy, the body produces more blood which in turn causes the kidneys to process more fluids than usual. These fluids go straight to the bladder increasing urination.

Nausea and Vomiting

Within one month of pregnancy, the common sign of morning sickness begins. This sign can vary greatly though. Some people get both nausea and vomiting while others get one or the other. There are also many circumstances where someone could get neither symptom, it all just depends on each person’s hormones. It’s also important to note that the nauseous feeling and vomiting can occur at any point in the day or night. If you are experiencing random vomiting in the middle of the night do not dismiss it because it isn’t following the stereotypical morning sickness. We also recommend trying to keep track of when you feel nauseous and vomit and how often it is happening so you can let your doctor know.

Tender or Swollen Breasts

Tender or swollen breasts are one of those signs that can happen during pregnancy and a period. This makes it tricky to know if you are truly pregnant, especially for the woman who do not have the bleeding aspect of a period. Earlier on in pregnancy, the breasts become tender or swollen, or both, due to the hormones changing in your body. This discomfort should not last too long. So, if you have been experiencing this sign for only a few days then you may want to wait it out and see if it continues. However, if you have been noticing this for a few weeks, then you may want to give your doctor a call.

Pregnancy can be a scary part of life to navigate, especially if you are not ready to have a baby. Knowing the early signs mentioned in this guide can help you feel better and not panic. If you do happen to notice many of these signs and want to see a doctor, our team at All Female Health Care is here to help you. To learn more about pregnancy and our services, give us a call today at (954) 742-3536.

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