Looking for a Caring and Professional OBGYN in Sunrise?

Looking for a Caring and Professional OBGYN in Sunrise?


When it comes to deciding on a healthcare provider, there are certain expectations of care that you may have, and rightly so. Every physician has taken an oath to provide optimal levels of care and nothing lessthan that will do. If you’re expecting a baby, it’s such a wonderful time in your life and you wanteveryone to share in that happiness–even your OGBYN who you will naturally look to for guidance and support in the coming months. First and foremost, your OBGYN should be concerned with both your health and the health of your child. At All Female Health Care, we continually strive for excellence with our patients, who are our number one priority. Our pre and post-natal care includes:

Pregnancy Confirmation. At home pregnancy tests and missed periods are a strong indicator that you are pregnant, but you’ll want to pay your OBGYN in Sunrise a visit as soon as possible to confirm it with a blood test. Sometimes, those home tests can be wrong and you may have missed your monthly cycle for another reason. If you think you may be pregnant, we encourage you to visit our office for a blood test pregnancy confirmation.

Prenatal Care. Regular prenatal care is important for you and your child. Each time we meet, usually every month or so until the end when the visits increase as your due date draws near. We will need to see how the baby is progressing by measuring your stomach each time and scheduling sonograms to hear the baby’s heartbeat and to see how well the baby is growing

Prenatal Testing. We can test for many conditions such as spina bifida, anemia, diabetes, genetic markers, and other health problems. We can also perform tests to ensure that the baby is safe, comfortable and free from distress in the womb. This care is a vital part of our OBGYN practice in Sunrise. With routine testing throughout pregnancy, you can work to safeguard your health and yourchild’s health. If routine tests or screenings turn up issues, there’s no need to panic. Our medicalprofessionals at All Female Health Care, Inc. are here to allay your concerns. Many conditions can be treated with lifestyle changes or with continual monitoring. If distress in the womb is detected, early delivery can sometimes be a viable option.

Postnatal Care. At All Female Health Care, Inc., we know that postnatal care is just as vital as prenatalcare. It’s important to do follow-up checks to see how well you are doing. While your baby will now be going to a pediatrician, you will still come to your OBGYN in Sunrise to make sure your recovering from your delivery and doing well with the care of your baby. We can also help with future family planning or can recommend someone if you need help with breastfeeding.


Whether you need an appointment for a checkup or you think you might be pregnant or have questions about menopause, you can find the care you need when you see one of our compassionate medical staff at All Female Health Care. Our OBGYN practice is conveniently located in Sunrise. Call (954) 742-3536 to schedule your well-care appointment today.

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