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Why do Women get Birth Control in Fort Lauderdale, FL?

Why do Women get Birth Control in Fort Lauderdale, FL?

Are you wondering why women get birth control in Fort Lauderdale, FL? There are several reasons a woman might want to get on birth control and our team at All Female Health Care are here to share those reasons with you!


This one was fairly obvious. Many women don’t feel they are ready to have a child, whether not financially ready or they just haven’t finished school. 


Not every woman out there is lucky enough to have a regular period every month. There are women who have their period every other month or two back to back. This doesn’t mean that they’re pregnant or something is wrong with them, they just have irregular periods. If you find yourself not having a regular period yourself, you may want to consider birth control as it can make your periods regular.


The great thing about birth control is that your period can get lighter. Depending on which birth control option you choose, you can actually either have a very light period or not have one at all. This is very helpful for those women who suffer from heavy periods or are anemic. 


As you already know, us women create both female and male sex hormones. Our male sex hormones are produced in much smaller amounts than men. However, there are women out there who create an excessive amount of male sex hormones which can result in acne and a lot of unwanted body or facial hair. If this sounds like you, then you will be glad to know that birth control can help regulate your sex hormones.


Those who have endometriosis experience very painful and heavy periods because the tissues that would normally grow inside the uterus grows outside of it. Birth control can help with the painful symptoms that come along with endometriosis and can help thin out the blood to ease heavy periods. There is no reason to not consider birth control is you suffer from endometriosis! 

Have you decided that you want to get birth control in Fort Lauderdale? Now the next step is to give us a call so we can get you in our office as soon as possible. We will walk you through each birth control option available for you until you feel comfortable with one of them. Call us today to schedule an appointment 954-742-3536!

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