Why is STD Testing in Pompano Beach so Important?

Many people don’t realize how crucial STD testing in Pompano Beach, FL can be. At All Female Health Care, Inc., we know that STD testing is a crucial component of your health. STDs are on the rise nationwide, and the only way to fight STDs is to undergo STD testing. Even if you’re married or in a committed relationship, STD testing is important. We invite you to take charge of your health by visiting our OB GYN in Pompano Beach, FL for your STD testing. Regular STD testing is an important part of your health, and we’re here to help with STD testing and treatments. 


You may think that you don’t need STD testing in Pompano Beach, FL. Maybe you’re in a monogamous relationship, or you’re married. But with STDs at an all-time high, as reported by the CDC in 2016, it’s always a good idea to opt for STD testing in Pompano Beach, FL. Our team at All Female Health Care, Inc. offers comprehensive STD testing services. We can test for STDs such as:

Many of these STDs are scary sounding, and their symptoms may be frightening as well. Some, on the other hand, may not present any symptoms at all. This is why it’s important to opt for routine STD testing in Pompano Beach, FL. Routine testing can catch many STDs and help provide effective treatment. The sooner you treat your STDs, the greater your chances of full treatment. Many STDs can be cured or managed with early intervention. 


There are many factors which can increase your risk for certain STDs or STIs. For example, people born between 1954 and 1965 are 5x more likely to have Hepatitis C. Individuals who engage in drug use or unprotected sex may be susceptible to HIV. If you engage in activities that may put you at risk for STD, it is important to get tested routinely. For others, we suggest opting for STD testing annually. 

If you are ready to take charge of your health by undergoing STD testing in Pompano Beach, FL, we invite you to work with our professionals at All Female Health Care, Inc. We offer STD testing, treatment and many other reproductive healthcare services. Call us today!

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